Sunday, April 28, 2013

Looking for the routine...

We all go about our daily and weekly routines a bit (or maybe, very) differently. I simply have to have a schedule. I can't always stick to it, but it tends to help keep everything from happening at the same time. Since the Buffalo 100 I'd been working in some recovery runs without much structure or planning. It was actually kind of nice. You know, turn on the Garmin but not check it at all during the run. No worry about time, distance, or pace. 

But then my work schedule went nuts and I lost my daily rhythm. Log jams seemed unbreakable and my running bouts were the only place I felt productive, and that's when I'm not working. 

So I was relieved this week to get back into my training charts, thanks to Footfeathers, and it's no surprise that  the other parts of the day started to work themselves out. Some might consider following a schedule, training or otherwise, restrictive. But not me. The runs are planned and scheduled out, and I stick to them 99% of the time, but I let my choice of trail with its particular setting and challenges (or lack of) provide the daily freedom.

I got my first run on the TRT this week. Just a few patches of snow in the first three miles west of Brockway summit. Felt great. However, I felt rather stagnant on Friday and into Saturday. It seemed like I was still feeling the last four miles of Buffalo. I was going pretty good, but it seemed I couldn't give it any more or it might not last much longer. I rebounded Sunday with a good morning up on Ophir Grade, go-to good dirt I can count on.

Happy Birthday to Mom. Mary now breaks into the 70 age-group. As Tim mentioned to me this morning, she'll likely go undefeated in her age-group for the next 30 years.  It's what she does...

Week Summary 4/28/2013

Carson River Flats: 4.8 mi (+15 ft); 9:55 pace
TRT Brockway OB: 6.1 mi (+1,075 ft); 10:40 pace
Spring Valley Loop: 4.4 mi (+207 ft); 10:22 pace
Centennial Circuits: 16.2 mi (+2,484 ft); 12:12 pace
Ophir Grade OB: 9.0 mi (+840 ft); 10:37 pace

Weekly Totals: 40.6 mi (+4,621 ft); 7:32:10 on trail

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