Sunday, May 12, 2013

Fits and (re-) Starts...

I've been fortunate over the duration of my relatively short running career and I've rarely had to give it up for anything more than a day or two here or there, plus a few limited injury rests and some planned post-race recovery. After posting last time about the enjoyment I get out of keeping a routine and following my well-coached regime, I basically set the shoes aside for about 10 days. My workload, yes, at work, got the best of me and it required focus. The daily running regime usually helps keep the work-a-day focus, but this went beyond the normal and I had to hunker down.

I was only a couple weeks into the first cycle of the Leadville training schedule, so I simply did a hard re-boot and started over.  Felt pretty good too! It was a great relief to get the miles going again.

Down Emma Canyon
Took it easy for the most part, sticking to my standard trails until I went on a local exploration for the Long Saturday. It didn't turn out to be very long, but I did find some steep. An old trail on the back of Flowery Peak, behind the Sugarloaf just east of town, climbs 1,200 feet in a little over a mile. A bit hardier than I'd planned for in the "restart," but I liked the look of it on the map. And everyone loves power-hiking at a 26-minute pace up gravelly bedrock. I eventually strolled through Cougar Flat, keeping the pace low, before climbing to Larry's place for an afternoon on his deck far above Redneck Disneyland (chili cook-off weekend, yahoo). We avoided all that as Larry grilled up some tri-tip and Des joined us in the quiet of his little mountain top.
Up from the bottom - On south side of Flowery Peak
Warming up nicely. Tephra staying at home some days as the water sources dry up and the rattlers come out. May think about some early mornings until more of the TRT and above opens up.

Week Summary 5/11/2013

Carson River Flats: 4.8 mi (+9 ft); 9:40 pace
Centennial West Ridge: 5.4 mi (+879 ft); 11:30 pace
V&T Grade OB: 3.9 mi (+180 ft); 10:26 pace
Emma Canyon - Flower Peak: 11.9 mi (+2,618 ft); 14:18 pace
Ophir Grade OB: 9.2 mi (+840 ft); 11:04 pace

Weekly Totals: 35.2 mi (+4,525 ft); 7:00:38 on trail

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