Sunday, April 7, 2013

Mild Echoes

Well, the post-Buffalo break is over as I easily let the recovery work its magic. I picked up again on Tuesday after about a 10-day break from the trail. The echoes from Buffalo consisted of some high-ankle soreness, and this was actually worse when simply sitting still. Once I got back on the trail and let things shake out a bit, it all felt surprisingly good.

I cruised the trails this week without an agenda, enjoying the springtime and happy to be warm again! Ash Tracks on Thursday was especially nice, the single-track is in great shape and I felt pretty strong on the climbs. After a couple hundred miles in the Hokas it felt good to be back in the La Sportivas; I may have to think about some long distances in the CLites to see how the ankles respond.

The Trail Option  race report from the American Canyon 50K was published in the April issue of Ultrarunning Magazine. Thanks to Harlan Reymont the American Canyon RD for submitting it. 

Week Summary 4/7/2013

Carson River Flats: 4.8 mi (+4 ft); 9:42 pace
Ash Tracks: 5.8 mi (+1,095 ft); 10:45 pace
Emma Quarry OB: 5.6 mi (+452 ft); 9:07 pace
Weekly Totals: 17.3 mi (+1,550 ft); 2:51:24 on trail

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