Sunday, April 21, 2013

The "We" in IWWD...

It's What We Do. 

I've always hoped, just a bit, that our little motivational motto, IWWD, with it's mountainous ups-and-downs, has carried the Young Mountain Runners, our friends, and maybe one or two of my four readers to some new trail-running goals -- be it a 10K, a half-marathon, a marathon, or one of the ultra distances. On a few days when I thought it too cold, too busy, or too whatever, to get out and run, these four words have led me to the trail. Usually to find a bit of solace, rejuvenation, or some new-found speed, things I otherwise might have missed.

But this week IWWD took on a much bigger meaning, as the WE expanded to the universe of runners, supporters, and everyone affected by the tragic events that unfolded in Boston. I don't do road events. I've never done a marathon. But WE run, and we will continue to run. It means all of us now.

On that very Monday, on the opposite coast, I left a friend at the Stanford Hospital; a friend I would not see again. As he lived with his cancer, Jim had long been within the WE. He motivated me daily to seek out new trails. He crewed for me and marveled at the efforts of Darren and Tim (and all the others) at the Pine-to-Palm 100. On Thursday, Jim made one last trip over the Sierra and, I imagine, finding peace in his home, passed away a few hours later.

It was a week where running seemed ludicrous. But as the citizens of Boston sought a bit of closure, Tim hit the trail at the Zion 100, thinking of Jim though he'd only spent a couple days with him seven months ago. Dennis and Mary found success at the Desert Rats Half in Fruita, CO. I volunteered at the Prison Hill Half in Carson City, NV. 

As the week progressed, amongst the deafening news-noise, motivating stories emerged from Boston, and Jim came home. Meanwhile, I surrounded myself, over and over, with the words of Frank Shorter, marathon winner at the tragic 1972 Olympics, "This is as scared as I get. Now let's go run."

It's What We Do.

Jim Carter - On the way to Game 1 of the 2012 World Series.
Week Summary 4/21/2013

Goni Trails East: 6.9 mi (+1,020 ft); 11:33 pace
V&T OB: 4.6 mi (+230 ft); 9:52 pace
Sun Mtn Loop: 15.8 mi (+2,460 ft); 11:53 pace

Weekly Totals: 27.2 mi (+3,710 ft); 5:11:45 on trail


  1. Eight years ago Jim took Mary and I, and several others, by boat down the Colorado River to an alcove on the Escalante to see something few have ever seen before; perhaps never again. That place is Jim to me. Gone now. Out of sight; forever in our minds.

  2. I met Jim when I was a kid.... Liked him immediately as he treated me with respect usually reserved for adults. He was always positive and full of laughter and a genuine care for others and what their lives were bringing to them. As I weep for Jim I remember the amazing man who lived.


  3. Jim will always be part of my crew. As dad wrote, "forever in our minds." We will all get together soon in remembrance of our friend and hold a beer high to him (what's your preference Jim?).

    I'd never read that Shorter quote before, I like the defiance, strength and courage.