Sunday, September 30, 2012

For the fun of it...

Week Summary (9/30/12)


Carson River Flats: 5.1 mi (+12 ft); 8:49 pace
Ophir Grade OB: 6.0 mi (+669 ft); 9:48 pace

Weekly Totals:  11.2 mi (+680 ft); 11:44:15 on trail

Just an easy week with some fun spins on a couple trail favorites. Feeling great and ready to move into the fall training regime. Upcoming week in Denver for work, so it won't be a running week much at all. I can only say I'll be jonesing to go, mind and machine.

Dennis and Mary hitting the road next weekend at the St. George Marathon, their first at that distance. Your targets are good, keep to the plan, and don't think about the distance. Just keep going, smooth and steady; the beautiful rewards are all your own. Do good...

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  1. You should post Dad's St. G race report but there might be a size quota for blogger!