Sunday, October 28, 2012

So ready...

A little snow on the mountains and the Giants in the World Series means Fall is upon us and I'm ready to go. I don't have a "weekly summary" to speak of because I've been "resting" and working on the road trying to wrap up some projects. The lack of trail time seems to cloud all other activities as the refreshment and "re-creation" of training and events is lost. The rest period is healthy but I'm feeling over-rested now and I'm really itching to get back to the discipline.

I did manage a little time last weekend on the Pole Line Trail at South Lake Tahoe and followed that up with a lap on the Carson River and another near home on the Emma Quarry Trail. But 11 miles a week has left me ready for some miles.

My target is the Buffalo 100 in late March, to which I've added the focus of trying to break 24 hours. I will soon be concentrating on getting some more speed which will actually mean more efficient endurance. I will be testing myself in some shorter events (10Ks, etc.) to keep the competitive blood flowing and gain some tempo over longer distances and times.

The new season starts now.

Call for Comments: Let me know your goals or focus event that will drive your winter training.


  1. To get you under 24 in Antelope!

  2. Our first goal for 2013 is to complete our calendar for 2013! So much to do and so little time. Want to average about 12 races again. Rough goals: In our 70th year to set PR's in all our road events (5K, 10K, Half, Full Marathon). Would like to do perhaps 3 (or at least 2) road marathons in 2013. We want to expand our trail events starting at Antelope. While you guys are pounding at the 24 for Craig we want to do our first trail 25K (pace TBD!!)on the first leg of that same course. Our BIG goal for the year will probably be to see what we can do in the ultra world. Jump into it at our peak so to speak. Perhaps the 60K up on Grand Mesa? Or a 50K somewhere?? Our first two attempts at even half marathon trail events were actually races against the RD taking down the finish line banner. So..maybe we are pushing this a little. A lot of trial-of-miles training before toeing the line.

    "There is no time to think about how much I hurt; there is only time to run." Ben Logsdon