Sunday, September 23, 2012

Taking it Easy

Week Summary (9/23/12)


Emma Quarry OB: 5.7 mi (+485 ft); 9:31 pace

Weekly Totals:  5.7 mi (+485 ft); 0:53:51 on trail

First run after getting some recovery time after Pine to Palm. Felt great to be in motion and, given the conditions of last weekend, the first run of Autumn felt appropriately cool and breezy.

I've been looking back on the DNQ sharing insights with other participants, especially Rick, who was pulled at the same time I was. We can learn from the setback, regardless of our opinions surrounding the call and Dutchman, and move forward. Over the next few weeks I will continue with some easy runs, getting the mind and machine ready for the training ahead. The Buffalo 100 on Antelope Island next March is the focus.  IWWD.

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