Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Waiting Game

Week Summary (9/9/12)


Carson River Flats: 6.0 mi (+57 ft); 10:15 pace
Carson River Flats: 5.8 mi (+44 ft); 10:11 pace
Ophir + Bullion Canyon: 9.3 mi (1,535 ft); 11:51 pace

Weekly Totals: 21.1 mi (+1,616 ft); 3:50:46 on trail

In the midst of the resting taper prior to Palm to Palm, it's a few easy runs split by some walks and generally taking it easy. I kept it flat for the first of the week just doing some cruises on the nice trails along the Carson River. Then Tim and Darren came up for a Saturday outing. Reno was in the midst of breaking a high temperature record of 96 so the crew came up here to escape the heat and get a break from their well-worn trails. But escaping the heat wasn't in the cards even above 6,000 feet.

I followed the guys up Ophir Grade but I think we all felt kind of lethargic. Tim pulled away working some kinks out of sore legs and led us away from the Ophir-Jumbo Pass toward Sun Mountain. He waited for me and we compared the hill to the steep parts of Palm to Palm and talked about fast hiking strategies. Since we were headed toward Sun Mountain I thought I'd give them a tour down the pleasant descent of Bullion Canyon. Tim thought the talus and the canyon-mouth would make a sadistic race finish, and indeed it was sadistic finish to what was supposed to be an easy taper jog for 10 miles. I love that route and always gain confidence navigating the non-existent trail.

The heat soon took its toll and we wandered back to the house. Hoping this at least prepared us for the forecast of 90+ temperatures in Ashland!

On Sunday, Desna and I planned the aid station routine and packed our gear. A little more efficiency in aid stations should gain me some time. Overall the course is more difficult that San Diego, so running efficiency and preparation may be key to improvement.

With a very uninformed eye, I have looked over the entrants list and unless some first-time 100-miler runs a very special rookie event, I think Tim has a very good shot at the podium. There are any number of variables at play, but if Tim runs even close to top-form I bet he does very well, and I mean very well indeed. If Darren stays patient and curious about each new bend in the trail, I think he'll surprise himself, but not the rest of us. I'll follow along, taking the turns and the ups-and-downs, reaching as deep as I can. My goal is 27 hours, but I'll let it roll and see what Sunday morning brings. Let's do this... 

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