Sunday, May 27, 2012


Week Summary (5/27/12)

Emma Quarry OB: 5.6 mi (+469 ft); 10:22 pace
Carson River Flats: 6.0 mi (+49 ft); 9:46 pace
Emma Quarry OB: 3.9 mi (+400 ft); 11:45 pace

Weekly Totals: 15.5 mi (+918 ft); 2:43:47 on trail

How not to taper: lie on couch all weekend. Well, we'll see how the couch strategy works out.  

After a heady week of great training and a fun Silver State 50K, I coughed my way into work on Monday morning. Nothing to worry about, just a little scratchy; probably an allergy -- everything is blooming around the Comstock (what there is to bloom, that is).  

By Tuesday it seemed a little more persistent but merely aggravating, nevertheless I skipped my Tuesday run hoping things would settle. Maybe I needed some rest from the previous week's effort. I jumped out the door Wednesday evening with only a bit of a cough, and repeated the effort at Thursday noontime. I felt ok, just thought I was tired.

Started planning my split targets for San Diego and made some travel plants with Tim and Darren.  Tim advised me to begin resting by taking my long runs out and not exceeding about 90 minutes of Base about every other day until the week prior to the race, so the taper was beginning. And then Friday I could barely move. The bug controlled my head and chest, I could hardly move. My head was on the verge of an altitude explosion and my chest suffered under threat of implosion. I lie on the couch immobile for two days.

It might be the perfect time for this to happen.  I believe I have time to recover and rebuild - today feels great (considering) and I loved my easy jog in the afternoon sun. It didn't happen at the peak of training (last week), so maybe it falls in the only place it could. Nice planning you little buggers - now get out, I got tapering to do!

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  1. Just before(4 days!) my one marathon--Big Sur, what a lovely little run!(1990!)--in the midst of grad school and too many project, a BIG cold got me. Keep in mind this was before the now common understanding of tapering. I was FORCED on to the couch and then comatose in bed and then couch again (that was doing well I thought!) all ended well :) I finished, and then came a new kind of torture :^)
    Perhaps when you have time between the 100 mile jaunts and field work, you can come out to the house--? uh, that if the bugs stay away from you too!