Sunday, June 3, 2012

Let's do this...

Week Summary (6/3/12)

Emma Quarry OB: 5.6 mi (+446 ft); 10:03 pace
Ash Tracks: 7.1 mi (+1,058 ft); 10:39 pace
Emma Quarry Loop: 5.1 mi (+580 ft); 10:23 pace
Gold Hill - Emma Loop: 8.1 mi (+1,418 ft); 10:59 pace
Lousetown Short Loop: 4.7 mi (+207 ft); 10:10 pace

Weekly Totals: 30.6 mi (+3,708 ft); 5:21:06 on trail

I'm pretty sure the "over-tapering" of last week is paying off. Unfortunately Darren got hit with a worse virus and was cratered for several days longer.  I was able to get back on the trail for easy goes, mostly to make sure the legs got back under me.  Other than the week of the Silver State 50, this was my best week of trails in a long while - my taper strategy is rather unorthodox, I'm guessing.  But it'll be quiet this week as we prepare for departure. And now on to the San Diego 100, let's do this...

I've set up some doable (I believe) splits that should help me target my 24-hour goal. It's a matter of keeping steady. Tim, Darren, and I will refine them this week. Henri Migala will be my crew; meanwhile Darren's status is touch-and-go. We'll see.

We fly into San Diego on Thursday night, meeting Tim and a friend at the airport. On Friday morning we'll head up to the course and scout things out, likely getting in a shake-out somewhere along the trail. The pre-race meeting is that afternoon and we'll have the usual packet pick-up -- I'll be #213 for the duration; until the end, that is, when I'm given a much lower number! There may be some live reporting of progress on the SD100 website, but coverage is sketchy and the timeliness of reports might be lacking.

Footfeather's primer on writing race reports is now required reading.  We'll be searching for truths beyond ourselves and fabricating enough detail to keep ourselves motivated; stay tuned.  It's time...  after all, it's what we do.

Dennis and Mary are prepping for next week's half-marathon in Provo, Utah (it'll be nice knowing our steps are echoing across the west).  We also heard some new footsteps on the Young Mountain Runners team this week.  Kristen, our daughter, picked her way through the masses at a 5K Run for the Cure in Washington State. She had a previous 5K back in 1990 when she was 8 years old; she won't be waiting that long for the next one and more. Keep going...

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