Sunday, May 19, 2013

Getting it back...

Dennis and Mary finished their first marathon of the 70/50 year at the Huff2Bluff Marathon in southern Utah. They got a little surprised that the "downhill" marathon had so much uphill! But they kept to their plan and scored a nice 5:28, finishing together as is their long-distance tradition. Ryan Heck (Race Director) presented them a 50th anniversary plaque in honor of their 70/50 year. They enjoyed the event so much they were basically the last to leave the venue on Saturday afternoon.

I'm feeling good by getting back into the regime. It wasn't perfect or as planned, but it sets the stage for what's to come. The highlight was a comfortable Tempo run on Thursday, keeping at 170 bpm for 45 minutes and covering about 5.5 miles. That's a nice 8-minute pace.

My weekend planned run was pre-empted as I helped Darren with course marking for the Silver State 50/50. We covered some trail, but the logistics of trail marking don't really create any training conditions, though Darren did get about 60 miles in four days. We marked until dark on Friday night and then cruised Evans Canyon at 4:30 AM, in the pre-dawn, setting and checking markers. Lon Monroe, Darren, and a few volunteers spent several weeks getting the course ready, and John Trent and many others handled the start/finish area at San Rafeal Park. There were also some great crews out at aid-stations all along the course. Unfortunately Darren and I were rather haggard after only a couple hours sleep on Friday night
, so I didn't get to get out on the course above the Ridgeview aid station.

Congrats to Sarah Rice of Far Western for completing her first ultra at Silver State. Her hard work paid off with a 7:31:07 finish in the 50K. Nice.

Des and I wrapped up the weekend with me running from VC to Washoe Lake State Park. She and Strider met up with Tephra and I on the Scripps Switchback. We then dropped into the park for a lap. I did the 3-hour run over the mountain in a fasted state, no fuel for 18 hours, so it was great to hit the Postal Cafe at the end of the run.

Week Summary 5/18/2013

Nimbus Walk: 3.2 mi (+39 ft); 14:16 pace
Ash Tracks: 4.5 mi (+646 ft); 10:39 pace
Carson River Flats: 6.9 mi (+40 ft); 8:33 pace
SS 50 Marking: 6.0 mi (+500 ft); 25:00 pace
SS 50 Marking: 12.0 mi (+1,000 ft); 22:13 pace
VC to Washoe SP: 14.3 mi (+1,442 ft); 11:49 pace

Weekly Totals: 46.9 mi (+3,668 ft); 12:21:27 on trail

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