Sunday, November 4, 2012

Falling back...

Week Summary (11/4/2012)


Carson River Flats: 5.1 mi (+11 ft); 10:43 pace
Six Mile Canyon
Carson River Flats: 5.1 mi (+11 ft); 10:10 pace
Cougar Flat to Larrys: 7.2 mi (1,548 ft); 12:41 pace
Emma Quarry: 5.6 mi (+471 ft); 10:14 pace

Weekly Totals: 23.1 mi (+2,041 ft); 4:16:15 on trail
Monthly Totals: 50.3 mi (+2,815 ft); 8:57:53 on trail

Easing into the fall training regime after resting most of October. Feels great to be back on the trail, although it is difficult keeping my pace down as I re-establish the foundation. Everything feels so good and the cool air and colors are refreshing and motivating, but we'll get there. I focused on easy runs this week, sticking to the flats along the Carson River and then a hilly but easy run up to Larry's place via Cougar Flat. I walked the steeper hills to keep with the "easing into it" strategy.

Rocky Road on the Emma Quarry Trail
I also added some Cross Training through more intensive core work on the intervening days. Footfeathers gave me a routine of crunches, planks, and push-ups which I've added to my roll-out and stretching routine. I'm pretty damn weak when it comes to the push-ups but satisfied that I'm gaining something as the crunches and plank-work burns relatively easily.

I will be picking it up slightly in the coming week.

I have set the calendar through the Buffalo 100 and registered for that race in March and the American Canyon 50K in February. I'll be challenging Tim's CR at American Canyon for the first 50 feet and then settle in at my own pace in the hills above Auburn.

Nearing the Quarry
Darren seems to be healing up and beginning a routine again. This year we'll change roles at Buffalo.

Dennis and Mary continued their season with great success at the St. George Marathon and Moab's Other Half, only two weeks apart! Dad's posted some great reports and photos on his Google+ page.

Desna and Strider continue to get mileage in. Both are gaining confidence on the dunes and hills surrounding Washoe Lake State Park. Today they navigated the trails at the Faye Luther Trailhead below Jobs Peak.


  1. Very good to see the photos of the Quarry trail. Some fun times working out with you there. We also are easing back with more short miles. I also put Tim's core suggestions to work and try to do them every morning. Push ups are the hardest for me also. Good to feel the soreness in the triceps;must be working. Cold front coming through tomorrow.

  2. Due for an upswing in training. Good job with with the recovery/down period. Bring on the races (after the proper build up, of course :-)