Sunday, March 10, 2013

Ready for some Buffalo...

This was the peak week in the training regime leading to the Buffalo 100 and I'm feeling ready to get to it.  I'll get some more miles in between now and the 22nd, but work commitments are likely to produce a sporadic schedule between now and then.

The focus this week was basically maximizing time on the trail. No run was under 90 minutes in duration and the weekend saw some good mileage and energy maintenance during which I tossed in a race in the Western Trail Series.

I split the 90-minute Base runs of Tuesday and Friday with a Tempo workout running into the dark on Wednesday evening. I maintained the Tempo work at an average pace of 8:07 for just over 70 minutes between short warm-up and cool-down intervals. Near the end of the Tempo, a workout a truly enjoy, I learned a valuable lesson. At about 45 minutes into the Tempo, I downed a GU, living dangerously because I wasn't carrying any water. And then I realized I hadn't really had any water in a good six hours prior. In about 10 minutes my GI system went into revolt. But this is a training moment, so I focused and pushed through for another 15 minutes. After which I hobbled back to the car and sped to relief. Note to self -- don't do that. GUs never bother me, but they work best with good hydration. Do that.

Why contour? Blue-sky condition at C-Hill
I dropped down to Carson early Saturday morning for the 8M C-Hill race put on by Ascent Physical Therapy, the last event in the Winter Trail Series. Kevin set a challenging course up Longview and then directly, with a little cross-country even, to the C-Hill summit. The summit was followed by glorious single-track down to the fireroad and back to Zorro leading down to the finish.

We started up Longview as I vowed to keep it steady and not "race." But getting a little caught up in things, I was happy to efficiently work my way up the single-track. A few of us watched Brett moving away on his beautiful cruise, he was quickly several switchbacks ahead. I ran with a couple ladies until we began the summit push and they pulled away. I kept telling myself I wasn't pushing it, but I couldn't have kept up anyway! Once over the summit I simply kept it steady and settled into my hydration and fuel strategy, knowing my true target was a good five-hour effort.

Brett cruised the eight-miles in 1:06. Karina (14) from Minden was the first lady, with a great time of 1:12. I followed a good eight minutes after Colleen to award myself with a Masters 1st Place, (OK, 4th Place overall). Congrats to all 28 who came out for the awesome morning climb and single-track, including David from Cedar Hill, Texas -- not his usual trail.

After a brief social huddle at the start-finish, I grabbed my Nathan pack and headed back up Longview with Peter to re-lap the course. I didn't hit the summit on this second round but cut across some undeveloped single-track, though I crossed the finish at exactly the same mileage. The V&T trail (some asphalt, some dirt) was up next as I headed into the cool wind. And then, just as I though of turning into Ash Canyon, a hairy white poodle jumped out of the sagebrush and bit into my glove. The beast ripped my glove off though thankfully my now bloody fingers remained attached to my hand. Why do the dogs of the V&T trail hunger for me? I think I'll give up on that trail, just too many walkers and un-fed animals. Anyway, finished with 25 miles for the five-hour day.

Buffalo simulation?
Sunday I sprung-forward and hit the Water Route on Ophir Grade. At Footfeathers' suggestion I did this as a kind of depletion run. Starting the morning with the usual coffee, but nothing else. I focused on hydration, and was happy to be moving up the grade without any big echoes from the previous day. I hit some snow on the north-facing slopes of McClellan Peak but maybe it's a good Buffalo preview (though news has it that the trails are clearing). Duly hydrated, I hit a single GU just over two hours into the run. I thought I'd be Popeye after a can of spinach, but it all seemed rather normal and comfortable as I continued on a great morning run.

Tephra cruising the snow on a Sunday morning.

The arrow says UP!

Near the intersection of the grades (Jumbo and Ophir) I found some trail-markings, new chalk arrows and green-yellow flagging. Horses were coming and Dez and Strider are on this trail! The equine team were out on their first "Fat Ass" 20-mile event with the Washoe Valley endurance riders.

Dez and Strider, out there somewhere.
She and Strider finished right at 6 hours, happy with their first trail partnership. As we all understand, she learned a few weaknesses in need of work, but she also found the qualities of moving forward. Here's to looking for more trail. IWWD.

A great week -- easily a record training effort at 69 miles. Of course, Footfeathers told me to get my butt out for a mile walk and tick it up to 70. But, hey, I'm saving it for the Buffalo!

Week Summary 3/10/2013

Carson River Flats: 8.9 mi (+34 ft); 10:14 pace
Mexican Ditch OB (Tempo): 10.5 mi (+194 ft); 8:37 pace
Chocolate Dayton Loop: 9.1 mi (+832 ft); 10:18 pace
C-Hill 8M (Race): 8.1 mi (+1,564 ft); 10:13 pace
C-Hill and V&T OB: 17.3 mi (+2,039); 12:06 pace
Water Route OB: 15.3 mi (+1,647 ft); 11:44 pace

Weekly Totals: 69.1 mi (+6,309 ft); 12:26:25 on trail


  1. Depletion run? You had coffee and a GU, that's enough for a 50k!

    You are beyond ready for Buffalo..."hell yeah!"