Sunday, January 6, 2013

Into the New Year...

Trail Option will be going through some changes over the coming weeks. I will be moving ever so slightly away from the "it's all about me" blog to a website about trails, specifically, and trail running, generally. My weekly training log will remain, as will news from the Young Mountain Runners team; hopefully these "it's all about me" diary entries will continue to motivate our team and our trail friends to keep going.

My new experiment, however, will focus on trails. This focus will provide information about trail conditions, location, and description. I'll have maps, statistics, photos, and the occasional video. Each trail will also have a Google Earth app along with kml and gps files for download. I'm also adding pages for occasional gear reviews, and periodic general commentary about trail running, and maybe some news from ultrarunning events that I find particularly motivating.

There will be some growing pains as I make the transition. I have registered the domain and will gradually unveil the the new site. I'm learning a lot of this on-the-fly, but it looks very interesting and I find a little change to be appealing.

Thanks much to the small but dedicated group of readers, along with all the occasional drop-ins, who visit Trail Option. I look forward to your comments as we take this trail and see where it goes.

Week Summary (1/6/2013)

I high-output week with some hill repeats in knee-deep snow and one of my best tempo workouts ever. Darren and I joined the Carson Area Runners on Saturday for some more snowy single-track on Prison Hill. The trails are in pretty good condition but the mileage and elevation are well-earned. Kudos to the Carson Runners who get out there and keep going, special thanks to Abbey for posting the runs and encouraging all to join in. At one point we caught up with George at Mexican Dam, and later crossed paths with Angela, Shannon, Jason, and Adam as we climbed the hill on our second lap. Crossed things up a bit with a snowshoe outing on Sunday. 


Larrys Hill Repeats: 4.2 mi (+989 ft); 19:03 pace
Empire OB: 3.7 mi (+13 ft); 10:23 pace
Carson River Flats (Tempo): 10.0 mi (+118 ft); 8:52 pace
Prison Hill Laps: 21.1 mi (+3,507 ft); 13:43 pace
Emma Quarry Snowshoe: 4.0 mi (+473 ft); 22:16 pace

Weekly Totals: 43.1 mi (+5,100 ft); 10:01:12 on trail

Snow Day and Carson Area Runners - Prison Hill (Photo: Darren Young)

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  1. Love the new pics on the header! Excited for new blog-ness! Yay for YMR! Now to get Goots moving.... =D

    Can't wait to see you!