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YMR 2012

My Beautiful World
Week Summary (12/30/2012)


Easter Hills Loop: 6.0 mi (+589 ft); 16:11 pace
Centennial OB: 4.9 mi (+542 ft); 12:37 pace
Empire OB: 3.7 mi (+14 ft); 10:06 pace
Prison Hill Laps: 15.6 mi (+3,302 ft); 14:17 pace
Ophir Grade OB: 5.0 mi (+562 ft); 17:16 pace

Weekly Totals: 35.2 mi (+5,009 ft); 8:24:57 on trail
December Totals: 147.4 mi (+16,133 ft); 28:32:27 on trail
2012 Totals: 1,752.7 mi (+214,547 ft); 351:20:33 (14.6 days) on trail

It's an appropriate cliche to look back and look forward at the end of each year, so here goes. Sure enough, the highlights from the Young Mountain Runners 2012 vastly outweigh the small defeats.

Two practically divine highlights stand out: San Diego and St. George. Those two achievements exemplify the year of teamwork, support, and determination that our little team of family and friends. It might be a vast over-simplification, but after I completed the San Diego 100 and Dennis and Mary raced across the finish at the St. George Marathon, in meeting the challenge, we became very different people. Special thanks to Tim Long, Henri Migala, Jim Carter, Darren, and Desna -- all clearing a broad path over each 100 miles.

YMR Super-heroes: St. George Marathon

San Diego 100 Success: Thanks Footfeathers

That was easy!
 (Somewhere, there's a pile of clothes in a phone booth)
In between those two events, our little band of runners constantly sought the challenge and discipline that the long hills require. After a drop due to injury at the Buffalo 100 early in the year, Darren ran strong for much of the Pine to Palm 100 before digging deep to gain another 100-mile finish. His determination exemplifies what it means to be a YMR. I ran into new obstacles at Pine to Palm, learning lessons and gaining motivation that I will carry into 2013.

A day of life at the P2P 100

Yes! Another podium finish.
Dennis and Mary continued to rank among the best age-group runners on the Colorado Plateau. The dynamic duo consistently brought home awards from events ranging from 10Ks to half marathons to, utlimately, their first marathon at St. George.
Bryan being chased by the denizens of Dallas.

Meanwhile, in the flatlands of central Texas, Bryan tasted the satisfaction of a strong finish he teamed up with Dad at the Dallas Turkey Trot.

We all look forward to the upcoming 2013 season where we'll target new goals and meet the recurring challenges of mountain running. Dennis and Mary will bump into the 70+ category and likely need new shelves and wall space for the podium hardware. Desna and Strider are working toward their first trail competition, providing lessons in teamwork that can benefit us all. Darren and I will continue to push our own ultra-running boundaries, searching for those moments when sublime tears and laughter are the rewards for uncompromised effort. And here's hoping Bryan can pace off of us and gather some time on the trail.  IWWD.

Bring on 2013! Happy New Year from Trail Option and the Young Mountain Runners.

Let it snow.  Ok, enough already.
Some value-added content (or not) from the week, where snow was on the menu every day. Breaking trail provides the workout that the drop in mileage otherwise lacks. The week started with a Christmas Eve run on Easter Hills (mixed metaphors or Christian holidays, I'm not sure which) with Dad and Chris Wright, a lucky Grand Junction trailhound who got into Western States. Good times, the video shows it all!

I wrapped up 2012 with some snow-bound laps on Prison Hill in the company of the Carson Area Runners, followed Sunday by a grueling posthole out-and-back in the deeps of Ophir Grade. Nice to have met up with the Carson team for occasional runs and great motivation. And I continue to wonder at my good fortune -- I get to live and run in great country every day and in every condition. Perfect.

Dead Truck Canyon on Prison Hill
Carson Area Runners, Lindy and Abbey at the summit

Carson City and the Carson Range -- Still snowing

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