Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Heat, Smoke, and a Hill

Week Summary (8/19/12)


Massacre Loop: 10.7 mi (+291 ft); 11:09 pace
Ophir Grade OB: 10.8 mi (+1,107 ft); 10:22 pace
Ophir - Mount Rose Summit: 30.0 mi (+6,800 ft); 15:00 pace

Weekly Totals: 51.5 mi (+8,198 ft); 11:23:00 on trail

I got the quantity with the quality this week, though a week's worth of outback fieldwork cost a few days training. Hot and smoke-filled valleys provided the running habitat during the field excursion and a day's worth of hiking made a run in the typical evening seem very uninviting. Not worried about the endurance given the footwork I was doing daily, though I missed some of the skill work I'd like to be doing right now.

Made up for it on Sunday with a great run with Darren. After descending the Ophir Trail from the Mt. Rose trailhead to the Davis Creek Park, we returned the 10,777-foot summit of Mt. Rose. I'd long wanted to make an ascent of Mt. Rose from the valley-bottom to the summit.  Given the way we staged our cars, we had an aid station every 10 miles, and it the run came in at exactly 30.

Lots of moving parts at work and in the training schedule, trying to keep it all together.  Successful so far. Will begin the logistical plans for Pine to Palm next week. Darren ran great so we are looking good for a team event at P2P!

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