Sunday, April 8, 2012

Tough can be Fun

Week Summary

Carson River Flats: 6.6 mi (+50 ft); 9:10 pace
C-Hill Hills: 4.5 mi (+1,667 ft); 16:26 pace
Emma Quarry: 5.7 mi (+541 ft); 9:51 pace
Rocky Cottonwood: 14.4 mi (+1,533 ft); 10:57 pace

Cemetery 5: 5.1 mi (+491 ft); 11:52 pace

Weekly Totals: 36.3 mi (+4,281 ft); 6:48:20 on trail

Getting back into the training cycle with some good efforts this week. It felt really good to get out for some Intervals on Tuesday. I did six repeats at 8-minute or better pace for three minutes each, with rests in between. These have become much easier now and I look forward to holding to some faster paces for longer intervals. I missed Wednesday after an eye-exam knocked me off my feet for the day -- the dilation treatment always lasts longer than I expect and I simply can't operate. I need to remember to schedule those appointments (only once very two years or so) for the late afternoon.

 On Thursday I hit some new trails to add some variety to my hill workouts. I visited C-Hill on the west side of Carson City after checkout the trail maps at and getting some advise from Slang. Although my hill repeat workouts usually involve yo-yo-ing up and down a hill section for whatever my target number of repeats might be, I decided I would explore the various trails and numerous ascents on C-Hill and work in the 2-minute repeats at regular intervals. There are plenty of ups-and-downs around the outrageously huge flag on the hillside. In several cases the hills were too steep to keep a run going but I would make sure to keep at full effort for the two minutes. A cold wind greeted me on each ridge or small pass -- matched with deep gasps at the end of the sprint, I generated an aggravating cough that stuck with my for a couple days. I got in my nine repeats and though I didn't get far, I managed to explore much of the hill and enjoyed the windy views. Spreading out the intervals is just as challenging as repeats on a single hill and the variety is much more interesting.

I got in a nice run on the Emma Quarry standard on Friday evening, though it did feel a bit strange to insert a Friday effort into my schedule. 

Descending high valleys of Flowery Range, Rattler high-point
in background.
On Saturday, Steve Glotfelty unselfishly spent most of his day guiding and helping me work on a shower re-build. We lugged hardyboard up and down stairs (one cut is never enough) and I got a great lesson in creative thin-set use. I should be able to start tiling next weekend.  This took up most of the day (thanks Steve!), so it was almost 6 PM before I set off on a new loop in Long Valley. The Long Valley Road took me to a powerline climb to a beautiful plateau below Rocky Peak northeast of Virginia City. As the sunset I traced a long path on a new route to the chalk bluffs of the Flowery Range with only one wrong turn before descending to Cottonwood Spring.

The sun set well before I reached Cottonwood and darkness surrounded Tephra and me as we re-traversed Long Valley. The mild adventure of new trails in the growing night is very fun. Would the road continue as I thought? Are the evening cats watching? Is this the correct trail?  Good thoughts to enjoy a run by.  

Between the re-model work of the long day and the great trail of the late evening, it felt much more than a 14-mile run. Dez had a small mountain of spaghetti for me to conquer when I walked into our warmly lit house just before 9 PM.  Thanks for that great ending.

Easy cemetery loop for Sunday mixing some slow pace with brief walks as planned. Will pick it up a little more this week, tougher can be funner after all!   

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