Sunday, April 1, 2012

Reset Week -- Post-Buffalo

Week Summary

Carson River Flats: 2.9 mi (+7 ft); 10:57 pace
Centennial Loop: 4.0 mi (+581 ft); 10:32 pace
Emma Quarry: 5.7 mi (+503 ft); 10:00 pace
Emma Quarry: 5.7 mi (+503 ft); 10:21 pace

Gold Hill Tracks: 5.3 mi (+579 ft); 10:44 pace

Weekly Totals: 23.4 mi (+2,173 ft); 4:04:17 on trail

March Totals: 149.2 mi (+14,073 ft); 30:03:04 on trail

Added a few photos to the Buffalo post. Also a short video of the Buffalo start with Darren, in blue Eclipse shirt, and crew setting out. You can see Karl in the white Hoka One One shirt, Dan Vega in grey (next to Darren), Karen in white and pink, and a jester appears as appropriate.

A good reset week on the heels of our Buffalo excursion. Simple base runs on my local trails.  No echoes from the weekend and glad to be feeling very good. Thoughts of San Diego have begun to permeate each daily run, mostly simple considerations of appropriate pacing, hill management, and hydration.  I have gone over the course map a few times, and the loops and segments play in my head as I work on a few more base miles. I ought to know the course well by the time I actually set foot on any San Diego trail. I guess this is what it means to have a "focus" race.

Darren is healing up. Swelling and related pain is about gone, and he can pin-point the impact bruise or soreness easily. The lends some confirmation to our early thoughts that his crash at Elephant Head may have been the trigger that stumped us later. He'll be resting for the next couple week before easing back into it. 

Dennis and Mary had a reset of their own this week. They are now fully retired from the work-a-day world, and start on a new adventure. Trails will be a big part of it, I'm sure.  Thanks for all the years of hard work, it brought so much to our world and set us on so many wonderful journeys. A perfect time to keep going...

The ultra community lost one of its storied runners and mythical characters this week. Micah True, aka Caballo Blanco, died while on the trail in New Mexico. I'd venture that most of us ultra-runners enjoyed his story and were in some way motivated by his sense of adventure, as documented in Born to Run, a book common on our shelves. The circumstances of his passing are as yet unclear, but he was in his element on the trail and in that there is solace. 

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