Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Strong Week

Utah Valley Marathon: No. 1 (and only 70+)
Week Summary 6/9/2013

Echo Summit Walk: 3.7 mi (+474 ft); 16:04 pace
Goni Hills (Repeats): 8.2 mi (+1,808 ft); 12:07 pace
Carson River Flats: 6.0 mi (+33 ft); 9:54 pace
Ash Tracks: 7.7 mi (+1,063 ft); 10:59 pace
VC to Rose Trailhead: 26.1 mi (+5,044 ft); 13:14 pace
Cottonwood Loop: 9.5 mi (+527 ft); 11:13 pace

Weekly Totals: 61.3 mi (+8,949 ft); 12:35:42 on trail

With record high temperatures beating the seasonal average by 15 or more degrees each day, motivation was lacking as I laced up for each run. Weren't we freezing only a couple weeks ago?

But I felt really strong this week, although not particularly fast. Stuck to my consistent regime on each weekday. It's a bonus that I mixed in McClellan Peak (Goni Hills) and Ash Canyon, I really enjoy those runs. However, there was some emphatic target shooting timed for my Goni run. This went on with total disregard for my presence on the hillside almost in-line with whatever it was they thought they were aiming at. What a nice way to spend a lunch break. I went cross-country to avoid them.

Saturday was the highlight of the week, of course. Dennis and Mary endured the crowds and pounding roadbed at the Utah Valley Marathon. They stuck to their plan and over the last half, Mom pulled away to chase a Boston Qualifier time. But the marathon had other plans and she finished off the BQ pace but was happy with the 5:08 and 1st Place in her Age Category. Dad finished at 5:18. They a feeling good today and headed for Missoula, Montana, for a break as we all now focus on Grand Mesa in July.

Dropping from Ophir Grade, my goal is beyond Slide Mountain
While they conquered the streets of Provo, I headed out the front door in Virginia City with the goal of reach the Tahoe Rim Trail at Tahoe Meadows. I climbed out of town on the Ophir Grade before heading down the long Ophir Road to the north end of Washoe Valley. That's a great route, but it has a rocky mile that halts all intention of running. Although I despise running on roadbed, old 395 is the only way around the north end of Little Washoe Lake so I took to it while envisioning the road stretch around the Fish Hatchery at Leadville.

Dez met me at Ophir Creek to refill the water and get me another shirt. It was 10 AM and already easily in the 90s. From the Ophir Creek Trailhead I followed the trail up toward Price Lake. Matching my time on the same section last week, this week I continued up toward the meadows where a few patches of snow remained. Dez had run from the parking area into the Ophir/TRT intersection so we ran out together. She moved the car up to the Mt. Rose Trailhead area and I finished with 26 miles, knowing that the other two had just finished the same distance in Utah.

Dez in Tahoe Meadows
The Carson Area Runners have taken to the TRT and started at the Mt. Rose Trailhead for the section to Brockway. I'd hoped to possibly meet up with the crew coming out, but I think my arrival was well-past their expected finish time. Anyway, the TRT is opening up nicely, get out there.

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