Sunday, February 3, 2013

Ready to Begin...

The American Canyon 50K is less than a week away, and like any good training schedule, the past couple weeks have seen some great focus and some relaxing breaks. I cycled between some good Tempo and Long runs, learning to Walk (an important workout), and skipping a few days to handle some work.  

Also in the mix was a great weekend when all the Young Mountain Runners gathered at Sorensen's Cabins below Hope Valley. We were snow-bound and didn't get any running in, but we had a 3-hour snowshoe on the beautiful Saturday. It was a great time talking running and horses and planning the logistics of a trail and equine season.

The trails are starting to clear up a bit but super-icy spots remain and the gravity-sucking mud bogs are expanding. But, hey, it's only the first of February, we can't expect too much more. 

Might have had my best training run of the season at Prison Hill with the Carson Area Runners yesterday. We had pretty large group (looks like we are all getting antsy for the trails to clear), and we cruised the single-track of the North Loop (a true favorite) after circum-navigating the southern flank of the Hill. Nice to keep a sub-10 pace for the two hours. I hope it feels that good next week!  Let the season begin...

Week Summary 2/3/2013

Mexican Prison OB: 7.9 mi (+1,242 ft); 11:30 pace
Centennial Loop: 4.4 mi (+595 ft); 10:31 pace
Whites Creek OB: 5.8 mi (+673 ft); 11:01 pace
Prison Hill Loop: 10.9 mi (+1,580 ft); 9:48 pace
Ophir Grade OB: 6.1 mi (+677 ft); 9:51 pace

Weekly Totals: 35.0 mi (+4,768 ft); 6:21:37 on trail
JanuaryTotals: 150.3 mi (+12,445 ft); 30:32:54 on trail

Week Summary 1/26/2013

Nimbus OB (Folsom Lake Area): 6.0 mi (+54 ft); 10:04 pace
Nimbus Walk: 3.1 mi (+45 ft); 13:48 pace
Empire OB: 3.7 mi (+15 ft); 9:55 pace
Carson River Flats (Tempo): 8.7 mi (+65 ft); 8:49 pace
Sorensens Snowshoe: 5.4 mi (+1,261 ft); 22:23 pace

Weekly Totals: 27.0 mi (+1,439 ft); 6:41:46 on trail

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