Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Reset Week

Week Summary

River Flats: 3.2 mi (+14 ft); 10:45 pace
Goni East Trails: 4.3 mi (+596 ft); 10:40 pace
Ophir Grade OB: 6.5 mi (+800 ft); 10:10 pace

Emma Quarry: 5.5 mi (+700 ft); 10:25 pace
Weekly Totals: 19.6 mi (+2,110 ft); 3:24:49 on trail

Simply plowing through a training regime would likely produce good results. I believe I experienced that last year as I stuck to mileage goals and measured each run by how it compared to my PR for that course.  Results were had simply in the great fact that I completed my first event somewhat competitively and, soon after, finished my first ultra. The season culminated at the Firetrails 50. Not bad at all.

But this season, with the help of Footfeathers and Darren, I'm approaching training a bit differently. My trail runs are structured around a mix of Base runs, Tempos, a few Intervals, and the all important and equally ego-shattering Hill Repeats. Of equal importance, however, are the cycles between races or events, building with each week and then tapering into the test (I am shooting for one event each month). So, on the heels of the Cool Memorial, I've done the final step in the training regime -- I rested and re-set the machine for the next go. This undoubtedly allows the body to build back the primary engines and back-up reserves. It's an opportunity to heal and evaluate how things are working. It's also a little boring now that I typically look forward to time on the trail. 

This week was filled with some easy jogs trying to keep at about an 11-minute effort (or average pace). We had a pretty good snow (a lame storm, actually) on Tuesday but it didn't affect the re-set week that much.  On Thursday I thought it might be a treadmill day, but when I got to the gym the machines were stacked with runners so I squirmed into my tights and went out into the cold. The Goni Trail was perfect! A damp sandy path and a few snow squalls made for a fun jog and dramatic skyline along the Sierran Front.  I'm happy the treadmills were full - go outside!

Back to spring-like warmth on the weekend, nice for couple jogs around Virginia City. Darren and I have lodging and travel plans set for the Buffalo 100 at Antelope, now three weeks away. Dennis and Mary will join us there. The re-set complete, it's time to keep going...

Off to Lemoore, California, this week for some fieldwork. I'll be creating some runs around the vast flats of the Central Valley.


  1. A bit of a reset week myself...mostly because my right shin was a little sore after a run on Wednesday. Won't push anything on the run in to Antelope (can't really make any gains in training, just need to maintain). Maybe a long run this coming weekend and then...?

    Looking forward to running with some buffalo!


  2. Envious of you guys. Wish I could be there to see you and Darren rocking the race. It'll be your turn soon, Craig!

  3. Wish you could be there too Tim...that would add to the good mojo.