Sunday, January 1, 2012

Keeping it all going in 2012...

Going at Goni
Week Summary

Larrys Hill Repeats: 6.3 mi (+1,204 ft); 12:35 pace
Chocolate Factory OB: 5.8 mi (+429 ft); 10:31 pace
Carson River Flats: 8.3 mi (+42 ft); 9:05 pace
Goni Summit to Centennial: 14.0 mi (+2,673 ft); 10:57 pace
Gold Hill - Emma Loop: 8.3 mi (+1,082 ft); 10:55 pace

Weekly Totals: 42.6 mi (+5,430 ft); 7:38:11 on trail

December Totals: 149.6 mi (+18,033 ft); 27:55:39 on trail
2011 Totals: 1,244.6 mi (+151,690 ft); 229:55:08 (9.5 days) on trail

I want to say thanks to all those who supported, laughed at, and ran with Trail Option in 2011. I have enjoyed putting this together each week, and though I do it primarily for personal motivation and sharing among a small group of family and friends, I hope that, just maybe, one or two more people are on the trail feeling the benefits and learning about themselves.  Wishing you a Happy 2012, and let's keep going...

Although the calendar brings a close to 2011 and now 2012 is upon us, preparation for the 2012 season is in motion. During the last week of the year my training regime jumped to a new level including a few structured work-outs, things I'd never really experienced before. It started with hill-repeats on Larry's driveway above Long Valley. The repeats involved five intervals, 9-minute pace for two minutes in which I covered about a quarter mile and gained 130 feet. Seemed a measly amount of gain for the effort, but I'm sure it'll pay off someday soon. Darren tells me to look forward to the 5-minute hill intervals that Footfeathers is likely to place on the schedule. Oh boy.  After each climb I'd stroll back down to my starting point, resting shortly for the next go. I ended with a dark, cool-down jog to the east side of Larrys Hill and back to the car.

Took it easy on Wednesday night visiting the Chocolate Factory OB for a base workout.  No effects from the previous day's repeats. Still astounded and confused by how warm it is at the close of December.

Thursday noon-time found me out at the Carson River Trail for a Tempo session. I started with a slow warm-up to the ditch/fenceline (a bridge is being planned) after which I picked it up and kept to an 8-minute pace for 32 minutes. If my math works, that's four miles. I then had a 30-minute cool-down to return to the Yota parked at the river put-in on Morgan Mill Road. This workout stayed with me for a while; I had a nice wobble for the remainder of the day. It felt great.

Ups and Downs of Centennial
On Saturday, Darren and I met at the ranch at Washoe Lake for a "long" day to close out 2011. Desna and Chloe worked the horses and Darren and I climbed into the hills near Goni Summit. A cool breeze met us but nothing like it should be for what was once early winter (last year, that is 2010, we'd have been trudging through deep snow). Our target was a little over two hours at 11-minute pace. Of course, in the hills this is an average, especially this early in the season. We hit Goni Road and dropped to my week-day East trails to descend toward Centennial Park. Smoke was still rising from parts of the range fire east of Carson; yes, a range fire in December.  The climb back to Goni Summit was steady and relatively strong. This was followed by a great descent along the switchbacks down to the ranch. A good moderate effort for two and a half hours, hitting the 11-minute average pace almost exactly. I set the virtual runner in the Garmin Forerunner only to watch her run away from me most of the morning; and yet I caught her at the final turn above the ranch to hit my pacing target. Of course, I'd rather catch Darren but I've yet to match his flow on the downhills (or uphills and flats for that matter!).

In the hills above Carson City (where's the snow?)
Sunday was a slow cruise out to Emma Quarry, keeping strictly to the Base (11-minute pace) to allow the recovery and calmness to tune the machine.

Although we look forward to 2012, there is great sadness here at year's end. Robert and Linda Mathis, Tahoe-area event directors and ultra advocates (, were taken from us in a tragic accident on Friday evening. Darren cut his ultra teeth with them. My ultra career began at Lake of the Sky, one of their many events. Linda started us off in the early morning, and I will long remember the rush of success and strange happiness I felt crossing the finish line in Tahoe City to shake Robert's hand and to be greeted by Linda's chili-burritos. We will keep going in memory of their hard work and good lives, too sadly brief.    

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  1. I'll run LotS with you in their memory; you pick the day.