Monday, October 17, 2011

Week Summary (Oct 16) - Recovery and Eyes in the Dark

Chocolate Factory OB: 6.1 mi (+421 ft); 10:08 pace
Rocky Road Loop: 4.0 mi (+391 ft); 9:46 pace
Ophir Grade OB: 6.3 mi (+1,013 ft); 10:16 pace
Town Loop 5: 5.2 mi (+615 ft); 10:21 pace

Weekly Totals: 21.6 mi (+2,439 ft); 3:39:07 on trail

Seemed like a week of forever as I recovered from the fun of Firetrails 50.  Almost completely pain-free by Tuesday when I hit the Chocolate Factory for a sluggish six miles; it was slow but the movement felt good. It felt good except for the growing pain in the lateral side of my right ankle. Seems a bit of tendonitis had set in and was along for the ride. I subdued the pain and encouraged healing with Des' magic (or logic) of heat/ice cycles each evening.

Wednesday's schedule called for four miles so I hit Rocky Road for a little tour.  It's cooling nicely in the evenings so Tephra can chase along.  A new "no trespassing" sign stumped me at the stagecoach rides parking lot, so I had to detour to H Street before heading home. Not a big deal, but we don't need too many of those around here. Maybe it's mostly for tourists so I'll have to ask if I can use the short road to get to my trail.

Ankle really fought painfully through Thursday's downhills of the Ophir Grade where I've recently begun to increase my descending pace. Not this time.  I carefully stepped through the last few miles of the six and began to worry a little bit.  You see, that morning I'd signed up for the Antelope 100K  (Antelope Island near Salt Lake City, Utah) and I really want success there to mark the closing of my first wonderful season.

I have to take it easy and heal, so I skipped a Saturday run for the first time in my RFP program (20 weeks in a row).  It was only supposed to be 14 miles, but I really missed even that short time on the trail.  I focused on continuing the heat/ice treatment and it does seem to be having a good effect.  Things will be ok.

Due to some fieldwork commitments on Sunday, I decided to get up early and test things for five miles looping around town. It was interesting to hit the trail with a headlamp and get some night (er, morning) dark-sky running in. There's a chill in the air now and the clouds suggested an early-morning rain was possible.  I took it easy to care for the ankle, and it went smoothly with only a hint of pain. That relief was set aside as I noticed a pair of wide-set eyes patiently and intently reflecting the beam of my headlamp. Two unmoving yellow orbs in the dark.  Tephra was between me and the steady orbs, her dog eyes presenting a similar color but with very different, close-set canine position. I'd imagine our neighborly coyotes would be jumpy and teasing at the company of my dog, testing her to run along and join 'em for some "fun". These steady eyes merely watched focusing on my lamp and simply noting that a meager dog accompanied me. Mountain lion seems almost certain, but I never believe any cat stories unless someone mentions the "tail"; sightings always involve amazement at the tail. I only have eyes, still burning into mine, so I'll never be sure.

I proceeded with a gruff, confident voice calling Tephra to my side and focused on the trail away from the perch of the eyes. I kept the lamp focused in their direction until far enough down the trail to feel some sense of distance. No wonder I didn't notice my ankle.  Good times.

I will pick it up this coming week heading toward my last big training weekend, paying attention to the ankle as I carefully prepare for Antelope.  I'm a little sad that my goal of 100 miles isn't in the cards, but 100 kilometers will bring the satisfaction of a wonderful rookie season and keep the increments in fine order for future success.  The 62 miles will be a challenge and, when met well, satisfaction enough.

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  1. Where were you fielding at during your kitty sighting?

    Next time slather yourself with tuna juice and make it really interesting!