Thursday, September 1, 2011

August Totals - Going Nicely

August Totals: 209.0 mi (+25,756 ft); 40:10:45 on trail

Personal bests in all three categories: distance, elevation gain, and time on the trail. From Freel to Leadville to the Levees of the Sacramento River, a nice month. First ultra coming...


  1. Nice month, man! You're going to rip that ultra up!
    First 100 peaking over the horizon.

  2. I agree with Footfeathers!!!!...but I miss the narrative! Where's the story? I hunger for the details, and need them! This is perhaps a reflection of being away for about a week? Well, ok. My own totals are rising, but hardly as high as yours :) Looking forward to your success on the 10th!!!!

  3. This is just an end-of-the-month stat post. Weekly summary on the way, therein sits the narrative.

  4. I agree with FF as well...he definitely knows what he's talking about!