Sunday, July 24, 2011

Week Summary (Jul 24) - Light week and feeling it

Chocolate Factory OB: 6.0 mi (+464 ft); 9:17 pace
Short Loop Loop: 4.4 mi (+446 ft); 8:55 pace
Ophir Grade OB: 6.3 mi (+1,013 ft); 9:34 pace
TRT - Kingsbury to Spooner: 14.1 mi (+2,094 ft); 10:39 pace
Larrys Loop: 7.9 mi (+1,133 ft); 11:02 pace

Weekly Totals: 38.7 mi (+5,151 ft); 6:33:19 on trail

A rather light week following a recent steady weekly increase in mileage. Maybe that got into my head a little bit because each day felt more difficult than the previous week's efforts. Still almost 40 miles this week is a lot more on average than I was doing only a little more than five weeks ago.  Also hit a rolling total of 195 miles in a 30-day period, so maybe I should be feeling a bit tired. 

A picture post this week as I'm on the road to Utah for some fieldwork.  I will have some follow-up posts later in the week because Dennis and Mary continued their winning streak by again taking gold medals at the Pioneer 10K in Provo, Utah, and Footfeathers, who was staying at Dennis and Mary's house while they raced in Provo, won the Grand Mesa 100 outside Grand Junction, Colorado.  Darren and I kept to our glorious training on the Tahoe Rim Trail. Dez ordered an endurance saddle that will fit a as yet undiscovered horse of coming training; Coach is doing fine and may get some special footpads for a few more trail miles.  Nice work for the Young Mountain Runners.

A gravity storm on Wednesday's short loop found me blowing bubbles in the dirt.  Thankfully I married an athletic trainer and was bandaged up and back on the trail in short order.  It wasn't too bad, but I recommend not crashing into planets when at all possible.
Back to the TRT at Kingsbury

The Yota at Kingsbury
Towards Spooner on the TRT

Darren approaching 12 mile turn-around at Kingsbury

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