Sunday, May 1, 2011

Week Summary (May 1)

   Gold Hill Office Loop: 3.3 miles (+300 ft gain); 9:47 pace
Sun Mountain - 30 Apr 2011
   Ophir Loop: 5.4 miles (+860 ft gain); 10:42 pace
   Sun Mountain Loop: 9.3 miles (+2,000 ft gain); 12:13 pace

Week Total: 18 miles (+3,100 ft gain)

A good week as Tephra joined in the fun. A little short on miles because I missed two days while at PT and getting rid of a lovely infection.  All good after Thursday.

Tephra rounding Sun Mountain (aka Mt. Davidson)
The Young Mountain Runners Team is developing a web-based trail guide that we will post as we run 'em.  There's a link to our "beta" version in the sidebar and most trail names are active links as well.  We are planning for some maps, downloadable gps and kml (Google Earth) files, photos, and descriptions. If you have a favorite trail, let us know. We'll be jazzed to run it and load it up.

Here's to Darren's MRI on his knee on Tuesday.  I know MRIs are only diagnostic tools, but I once had a shoulder injury heeled during one. Coincidence probably, but here's hoping. Good luck.

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  1. I want access to the exact same MRI machine that "heeled" your shoulder!

    I'll work on a few maps this week and get them posted to YMRT.