Friday, April 22, 2011

It's all in the hips

Completed the first physical therapy session yesterday.  I had done the Office Loop of about 4 miles at noon and followed that with a drop into Reno to Peter Barbieri's office.  I always want to see Tony Marek (the magician, says Dez), but I was prescribed to see Jon the PT before seeing Tony.  It's the system I guess.  Jon was very good, however; and I expect I'll soon get him to transfer me into Tony's hands.

Because I had put in a few miles, my back was feeling fine.  Actually better than it had for a couple weeks, outside the time I'm actually running (a great excuse to be pain-free on the trail).  Jon said the yoga work I'd been doing along with running was fine, and that sometimes we simply need a little manipulation.  And boy did that hurt!  Achilles had his heel; I'm doomed by hips and hams of steel.

Feeling a little tightness today.  Have some miles for tomorrow (Darren?).  Have to lay off the golf course this week, keeping things in opposition.  Yet Jim Carter plays left-handed and I could simply change for every other shot, but I got a handicap to think about.  Spring-like, unsettled weather in store anyway, so trails it is; probably as it should be.

Get out.  IWWD.


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